What facial should you be having?

What Facial Should You Be Having?

We’ve been shouting about it since the day we found out, but just in case you missed it… Facial treatments are allowed to take place from August 1st! Hooray! It’s crazy how it was over 4 months ago that we were providing you with our fab facial treatments. Yes, it’s been 4 months without lashes and having our brows done. I mean…

Anyway, hopefully never again! We are so relieved to finally be able to offer our full services to you all. Facial treatments are such a huge part of Rebecca Jade, so we think we should make up for all the time lost!

As per one of our latest Instagram posts, we discussed briefly how when we book in for a facial or are given one as a gift (classic Mother’s Day treat!), it tends to be more of a holistic type. One that’s just an all-rounded, relaxing, comfortable facial that focuses on hydration and nourishment. And whilst these are great and are always beneficial for the skin, we want to highlight the importance of properly delving into the facts behind the facials that are on offer and figuring out which is the one you should be having for your skin type and problem areas.

So, with that being said, we’re going to run through the facials we have at The RJ Clinic, providing you with all the deets on which one you should choose for your skin. But first, let’s just start quickly with an intro to our skin analysis system that helps to determine which treatment and package would be best for your skin…


Opatra Skin Analysis

The Opatra Skin Analysis system uses a high res camera to analyse some of the most common skin concerns, from acne to pigmentation, UV damage or wrinkles. It provides a super detailed report on your skin, which we then utilise to determine which of the following facials and treatments you would benefit from the most. That’s some bad-ass technology right there! Now let’s get into the facials.



The Hydrafacial is probably one of the most commonly known facials in the industry at the moment. It has 6 stages to the treatment, which uses patented technology to cleanse the skin, then deliver essential ingredients such as antioxidants, botanical and therapeutic agents and hydrating moisturisers to the skin. 

The treatment

Removes dead skin cells, extracts impurities and secretions, hydrates and cleanses.

Skin concerns that will benefit:

Ageing skin that needs ‘plumping’ and added collagen/elastin for youth

Pigmentation or sun damage

Puffy under eyes

Fine lines and wrinkles

Acne and blemishes


Single sessions £130

Six sessions £630 

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Byonik Skin Rejuvenation

This facial really is one of a kind. Another patented method, the Byonik system uses pulses of laser light that are triggered by your own heartbeat. On each beat, ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and antioxidants are delivered to your skin.

 The treatment

This treatment shows results from the very first session! This is a pain-free method that improves the skins’ elasticity, texture, tone and its overall look.

Skin concerns that will benefit:

Ageing skin – deep wrinkles

Sensitive skin that suffers with pigmentation


Under eye bags


Single sessions £220

Six sessions £1,100

12 sessions £2000

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This treatment is incredible to rejuvenate your skin, making you look 10 years younger in no time at all! Non-invasive, simple yet effective. We use a CooLifting gun to apply a stream of carbon dioxide to the skin which hydrates and smoothes the skin. 

The treatment

Hydrates, smoothes and dramatically improves the overall look of your skin – it becomes glowing, healthy and hydrated. This treatment helps to reduce deep set wrinkles and completely eliminate fine lines. 

Skin concerns that will benefit:

Ageing skin – deep wrinkles

Eliminates fine lines completely

Rejuvenates the whole skin

Smoothes texture


30 minutes £80

As an add-on to another facial or massage £55

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This treatment is incredibly effective without being too expensive. Micro-needling tightens, brightens and revitalises the skin. DermaPen is a needle tip that is used on the skin to create micro-skin channels that are essentially ‘wounds’ to the skin. The healing process of this encourages the skin to repair as ‘new’ – stimulating collagen production and therefore, skin looks younger and more fresh! 

The treatment

Nourishing ingredients are delivered to the skin through these micro-channels during the treatment, which then allows the skin to become hydrated, smooth and rejuvenated.

Skin concerns that will benefit:

 Ageing skin – deep wrinkles



Uneven skin tone and texture

Acne scars


1 session £200

3 sessions £500

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Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is for more than just hair removal! There are multiple systems that can improve different concerns. We’re able to offer laser light therapy for problems such as;

Skin rejuvenation for scarring, pigmentation & ageing

Cost: £100

Pigmentation to break down the pigment of the skin and improve tone

Cost: £100

Fungal nail treatment to improve infections

Cost: Single £35

Course of 3 £100

Renaissance treatment to revitalise, stimulate collagen, reduce large pores and improve skin texture

Cost: £250

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There’s more…

Believe it or not, in addition to all of the above we have even more facials to offer. Your skin concern will be common amongst many of our clients who have used these facial treatments to combat their concerns – and you can do to.

If you want to have a bespoke skin consultation with us completely free of charge, you can do so now by calling us on 01582 280078.

We will provide you with a complimentary session of our Opatra Skin Analysis, followed by a discussion with one of our Skin Experts where they will give you bespoke advice for your skin (including products and all treatment options!)

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