The Benefits of Massage

Why you need a massage to improve your mental wellbeing...

Ahhhh massages.. Even just thinking about them makes you feel a little bit more
relaxed. But why do we only leave it for a holiday to get one, or when we’re given a
voucher to our favourite salon for our birthday? No – these should be a regular
occurrence, and we’re here to tell you why. It’s for your own good...
Mental Well-being 
We will go through the physical benefits of a massage a little later on, but let’s first
consider why having a massage is beneficial for your mental well-being. 
There is actually evidence-based research to show that massages are one treatment you can have that genuinely improves your state of mind. You’ve probably heard the word ‘cortisol’ before - it’s the dreaded hormone that increases every time we get wound up at work, the kids do something irritating, or Coronavirus ruins your summer holiday plans… Stress. 

We’re in a generation where everything is so fast paced and on demand, that when
something doesn’t go our way, or takes a little too long, we can find ourselves getting stressed out rather than just sitting back, relaxing and going with the flow. Although we should probably just get a grip and accept the fact that not everything in life goes our way, there are more fun ways we can combat stress. Here’s how massages can help;
Massages are known for releasing physical tension within the muscles, joints and
body, but they can also reduce mental tension. Massages cause you to go into a
state of deep relaxation through the manipulation of soft tissues in the body and
when you’re in this deep relaxation, your cortisol levels come shooting back down.

What else can deep relaxation through massage do? Well, if you’re someone that
suffers from high levels of anxiety, massages can help to alleviate cortisol levels and increase serotonin levels - this is the hormone that affects how we feel. Well, we know after one of Rebecca Jade’s full body massages, we feel GREAT. Ready for a nap, but great all the same.

This is one of the reasons why so many companies have introduced massages at
work - a 10 minute neck and back massage can calm you down, relax you and give
you a clearer mind on how to handle the day.
So, before we run through our favourite RJ massages, let’s just quickly talk about the physical benefits of a massage.

Relieves muscle & joint pain
The increase in blood flow and circulation through massage helps to untie and get rid of any knots within the muscles, making them less tight and painful.  

Improves lymphatic stimulation
If you struggle from concerns such as cellulite, lymphedema, swelling, digestive
issues or fatigue, massage can help to stimulate the lymphatic system which controls the way waste is drained from the body. Massage can help to increase and benefit the function of this system, improving the above concerns.  

Alleviates headaches
Are you prone to headaches and migraines? There’s nothing worse than waking up
in the morning and not even being able to open your eyes without being in pain.
Massages can help to alleviate the pain of headaches as they work with the pressure points to release tension within the head that causes headaches. Massage can also prevent headaches from occurring, as it loosens tight muscles, regulates blood flow and relieves spasms.

Sleepless nights due to parenting, pregnancy, or just a bad sleeper? Relaxing
massages send your body into a calming state, whilst helping you to spend more
time in a deep sleep. We mentioned serotonin before and when this hormone is
released during massage it in turn effects melatonin, which has a big influence on
your sleep rhythm.

So, we know that massages are good for us, physically and mentally. But which
ones are there and how do I pick?

If you’re tight and sore from exercise, or have muscular or join pain, you
should have:

Our Full Body Massage, £65 for One Hour
This massage uses varying pressures, strokes and stretches, aiming to relieve
muscle tension, ease minor aches and pains, and most importantly promote
relaxation. You can add on a deep-tissue focus for an extra £10 to really release
those knots that have been caused by muscles tightening due to exercise. This will
then allow you to workout pain-free! New PB?

If you’re pregnant, or post-natal, you should have:
Our Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Massage, £68 for One Hour
Designed to help reduce stress in the body and improve blood flow, our pre and
post-natal massage is tailored specifically to the needs of the client, with techniques adapted to the changing body during and after pregnancy. Our massage relaxes and relieves tension, helping in a number of ways to ease joint, neck and back pain as well as swelling in the hands and feet. This massage also alleviates headaches, leg cramping and insomnia. Treatments are suitable for the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy and excellent for post-natal recovery.

If you have regular headaches, you should have:
Our Indian Head Massage, £50 for 45 Minutes
Focusing on the shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp, face and ears, this treatment
soothes and stimulates pressure points, eases muscles and joints and relieves
accumulated stress from these areas. It may also help to reduce tension headaches
and improve concentration.

If you’re stressed (must apply to everyone post-corona), you should have:
Our Hot Stone Full Body Massage, One Hour for £80
Fancy a little something special? This massage gets warm, smooth, heated stones
involved as it helps to relax the muscles and release any tension that’s built up. A
variety of massage techniques are used which improves circulation and eases aches and pains.

Or, Our Stress Therapy Massage, £50 for 45 Minutes
With the option of a Deep Tissue add-on for £10, this massage encourages you to
unwind. Varying pressures, strokes and stretches create a feeling of calm whilst
promoting complete muscle relaxation. This treatment focuses on the back, neck,
shoulders and scalp.

If you just fancy something for the upper body, you should have:
Our Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage, £36 for 30 minutes.
A 30 minute in and out massage, this one is for you if you’ve got some spare time,
but not enough for an hour. Utilising essential oils that suit your mood, this massage will provide you with the release you need. Varying pressures relieve tension in the tightest areas – you’ll leave feeling relaxed and positive.

You can book your massage with us now and treat yourself post-Lockdown! We
definitely all deserve it…

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