Preparing for Post Lockdown Skin

Preparing for Post Lockdown Skin

How has your skin been this lockdown? Because let me tell you, mine has been
taking me for an absolute ride. Like everything else, my usual ‘normal to combo skin type’ has been testing my patience. One minute I am glowing, the next it’s like I’ve stepped in a time machine and I’m back at school with acne, and then it thinks, “Do you know what why not, I’ll switch from dry to oily in the space of a week, make sure she’s kept on her toes”. Thank you, no really – that’s just what I needed..

I am aware this is first world problems and a very small issue in comparison to
what’s going on right now, but without our usual trips to the salon to make sure our
skin is as healthy as possible, I can’t deny it’s left looking a bit dull and flat, with a
variety of skin concerns that I have the joys of trying to control.

However, I can’t deny the home skincare regimes and facials from the girls at RJ
have helped – my skin laps up any additional hydration from serums and oils. I’ve
also tried to ensure I am drinking enough water to make sure I flush my skin of any
toxins and wear SPF every day.
But I want to focus on how I’m going to look after my skin post-lockdown – and this
post is dedicated to the treatments that most people will be heading straight for, once we’re allowed!

Also, just a quick reminder, we are now able to book you in for
appointments for the 4th July onwards. Please contact to book yours!

First off, we have our aesthetics lovers. If you didn’t get your bi-annual Botox
appointment in just before Lockdown, then this one’s for you. We know there will be
a lot of clients who will be queuing at the door for their anti-aging treatments and we want to let you know, you’re not alone. We loved the article in The Times last week by Fiona Golfar, where she says you’ll find her ‘slipping through the door of my favourite aesthetic clinic’ once Lockdown is done, because ‘tweaking’ keeps her feeling happy, confident and refreshed. We agree and think that having judgements against aesthetics treatments is very old school – as long as you’re looked after by an experienced practitioner who knows just what to do to make you look 'rejuvenated’ rather than ‘overdone’, then we think that treatments such as filler and anti-wrinkle are incredible!

Our aesthetic clinic offers a variety of treatments to help you appear 10 years
younger, in less than an hour. From Dermal Fillers to 3D LipoByonik Skin Rejuvenation and more – you can book a consultation with us online.

Now for our facials – gosh we miss them! Our skin is in dire need and there are so
many amazing facials offered at Rebecca Jade that we don’t even know where to
start. To find out which facial would be most effective for you, we would start with the Opatra Skin Analysis. This is an incredible system that uses an extremely high
resolution camera to assess your skin needs and concerns, determining exactly
which facial would be most effective for you. Never know, it may lead you to…

Our HydraFacial! We have a feeling this is going to be one of our most popular
treatments when we re-open, because what can it do but everything good! The
HydraFacial reduces under-eye puffiness, treats sun damage and hyperpigmentation (sorry about the garden sunbathing/’work from homing’), refines your skin offering it more elasticity and collagen and reduces redness and inflammation if acne is your concern. This facial is suitable for all skin types and tones and benefits even sensitive skin. We LOVE.

We also have other facials such as our LED Light Therapy, our Byonik Skin
Rejuvenation and our more concentrated facials such as Microneedling which is
incredible for a multitude of skin concerns. Check out our facial options on our

I mean, do we even need to say it? Hands UP if you need to get everything done.
There’s no point even making a list – just book me in for everything. Laser Hair
Removal, gel nail mani and pedi, brows, lashes and a spray tan. That’ll be all for

You can book your usual beauty appointments in for the 4th July onwards, so get
booking because they’re going to go like a flash and we cannot be dealing with no
brows for another 6 months!

We can’t wait to welcome our clients back to the salon and are getting so excited
that it may be fairly soon! Be sure to tag us in your post-treatment selfies at

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