NHS Updates and Boosting your Immunity with Vitamins!

NHS updates, and boosting your immune system with the vitamins you should be

We’re halfway through week 6 in lockdown. Or is it week 7? Or 8? Who knows – the days and weeks are rolling in to one that we only know today, yesterday and tomorrow. But what we do know, is that every Thursday the claps at 8pm outside our front door is getting louder, with more thanks each week to the incredibly brave and inspiring key workers that are getting our country through this pandemic.

If you haven’t already, try and take a walk past our salon window one day this week to check out the amazing NHS poster display! We’ve popped all the posters received in the window display, to showcase the support for our wonderful NHS. Keep your eyes peeled for the winners of the poster competition, as we will be announcing our top 3 over on our Instagram (@rebeccajadebeauty) very soon!

NHS Competition
It’s the last chance to enter our competition for the NHS key workers that you know and love!
If you aren’t on Instagram, you may have missed that we’re running a competition for your favourite key worker to win a Rebecca Jade spa day when lockdown is over. All you have to do is both be following us on Instagram, and comment why they deserve to win the spa day.
Winner will be announced this week so make sure to get your last-minute entries in!

Which Vitamins Should You Be Taking?
With Covid 19 on everyone’s minds, there’s been a lot of talk on how to boost your immune system, with it being incredibly important given the current situation. The main way to ensure you’re staying fit and healthy is ensuring you’re getting the right amount of nutrients and vitamins, and yes this can be done through what you eat. But how else can you make sure you’re hitting those essential micronutrient numbers, without eating 5 tonnes of broccoli every day?
Yes, your diet in this is essential and the motto ‘5 a day’ still stands, if not a little more.
Despite the boredom during lockdown, make sure you’re adding in your fruits and
vegetables each day alongside the multiple trips to the isolation snack cupboard…
Our bodies during this time can come under additional stress, which lowers our immune system, as the ability to fight off disease and illness is weakened when our cortisol levels are higher.

So, with this in mind, given the potentially limited access to certain food groups or varieties due to limited stock – we may need to find other ways to ensure our immune system is in tip top condition and ready to fight off anything that comes our way. With that being said, there is another way of providing your body with the essential nutrients & vitamins it needs, and this is through supplementation. The Advanced Nutrition Programme (stocked at Rebecca Jade) and Vitbox have created supplements that are evidence-based, with their formulas being full of the vital ingredients your body needs to stay healthy and strong during the current climate.

The IIAA state that the supplements from the Advanced Nutrition Programme are science led products, so we know that they have our best interests at heart when it comes to these creations. But which vitamins do we need more of and can we get them in supplementation form?


Vitamin C
The original OG vitamin – we all know we need more of this in our diet, and not just in the form of an orange solero lolly… But you may just know that you should take Vitamin C, but not actually know why – and that can make us a little slack in making sure our Vitamin C levels are full to the brim. Here’s a few reasons Vitamin C is your immunity saviour, and why our skin loves it;
 It’s one of the most powerful anti-oxidants, with the IIAA stating that Vitamin C
protects your skin cells from oxidative stress, fighting your corner against illness and challenges to the immune system. It actually stimulates the immune system – which is essential during this climate.
 It has skin healing properties which encourage the production of collagen and elastin. Both of these are vital when it comes to youthful, revitalised and rejuvenated skin, as when we age they tend to deteriorate – give us ALL the vitamin C to build those back up!
 It’s a barrier against pathogens – protecting you from bacteria.
 It inhibits the skins melanin production – reducing the appearance of dark spots,
brightening your skin!

You can keep your Vitamin C levels topped up through The Advanced Nutrition
Programme’s Vitamin C Plus  and  Skin Vit C products, or Vitbox’s Vitamin C product.

Vitamin A & D
Don’t leave this one behind! If you’re confused as to why your skin is breaking out when you’ve reduced the amount of makeup you’re wearing during lockdown - don’t panic. Stress levels are higher, food sources are different and there’s a lack of fresh air when you’re stuck in the house day and night!
Vitamin A will benefit your skin in more ways than one and it’s also is essential for your immune system. According to IIAA, Vitamin A helps your body when it’s under stress, by supporting the immune system and the production of white blood cells. It plays a big role in protecting, growing and developing your cells!
The Advance Nutrition Programmes  Skin Vit A+  supplement is blended with Vitamin D, which also supports the immune system as it plays an active role in the activation of cells that protect you against disease or bacteria.

Yes, it is true that you can receive a lot of your nutrients and vitamins through food – but also take into consideration that the amount of the vitamin’s strength can be affected by light, air and heat! So the sliced oranges you’ve left out overnight, may not have the superpowers we need 24 hours later…

To make sure you’re receiving the right amount of each vitamin, we recommend purchasing our essentials so you can sit back, relax and know that your immune system is building away quietly!

Check our The Advanced Nutrition Programme and Vitbox here.


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