Lockdown - How to stay busy and positive!

Lockdown 101!

The spread of Covid19 has led to a very strange way of living that we’ve all had to adapt to, and adjust quickly to the new ‘lockdown’ rules that have recently been set. No-one imagined we’d be in the position where we can’t even leave the house. However, thinking of the few positives - we’re all in the same position, and staying within our 4 walls is doing the world of good to all of those who are currently suffering, and for our NHS who are doing so incredibly, day in, day out during these challenging times. So before we start, we just want to give a big shout out to those who are working so hard to stop this horrible virus – you are amazing!

We want to start with thinking positive. Being stuck in one house with your whole family can be testing at times – multiple personalities, multiple people needing the bathroom at the same time, multiple opinions on what should be on TV and what to have for dinner…

So, putting the challenges aside, we want to share our ideas on how we can use this time in ‘lockdown’ or ‘isolation’, to do positive activities that will benefit our mental and physical wellbeing. We’re also trying to think on the bright side of this pandemic (if there is one), one being less commuting, less pollution! Venice’s canals are running clear and China has seen a 30% drop in air pollution. At least the environment is happy!


Ways to Keep Positive & Busy

  • Outside Exercise – according to the governments rules, we are able to exercise outside once a day. Use this time to go for a long walk, a run or a cycle outside. The weather has ironically decided to be glorious – so enjoy the sunshine!
  • Home Workouts! Although we can’t go outside our houses more than once a day for exercise, nothing is stopping us doing our own home workouts! Whether it’s a HIIT workout in the garden or bedroom yoga, there are lots of workouts available online to do in the comfort of your own home. Get your whole family involved!
  • Arts & Crafts Does this ever get old?! No matter your age, you can’t deny how fun it is to get stuck into a colouring book or getting creative with your pens and pencils. This is a great one for children too, to keep them entertained for a while.
  • Puzzles Once you start, you can’t stop! The hours fly by when you’re concentrating on a puzzle – a great way to spend the afternoon with a cup of tea.
  • Learn Something New If you’re unable to work during this time, why not try a new online course? There are lots of courses available completely free online. You can learn a new skill, or even a new language!
  • Mental Diary Take 10 minutes a day to write down how you’re feeling. Getting your feelings out on paper can help you feel refreshed, in control and ready to tackle the day. Write down everything you’re grateful for to help recognise that despite this awful situation, there are silver linings!
  • Self Care When you aren’t leaving the house, it’s easy to end up not getting out your pj’s for hours, putting off washing your hair – because you’re not seeing anyone, or not making yourself feel good with a little bit of makeup or your usual detailed skin routine! However, keeping these activities within our routine can make a big difference to how we feel over the next few weeks. Just having a long bath with candles, reading a good book & treating yourself to a mini mani, pedi or facial can make all the difference! Make sure you treat yourself to at least 30 minutes a day to making yourself feel good.
  • Reading Have you been meaning to get stuck into a good book? Now’s your chance!

We will soon be posting some of our skincare how-to videos, so make sure you stay tuned for those so we can give you our top tips & tricks for all things skincare whilst we’re limited to home products. Make sure you’re following us on Instagram (@rebeccajadebeauty) to look out for those and stay active with us during these isolated times!

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