Our Skincare Expert Rebecca's Skincare Routine

Our Skincare Expert Rebecca's Evening Skincare Routine.

1. First cleanse using Environ's Pre-Cleansing Oil

2. Second cleanse using Image's Vital C Cleanser. Removing with Jane Iredale's Magic Mitt

3. Toning with Environ's C-Quence Toner

4. Rolling the skin with Environ's Roll-CIT

5. Application of Environ's Vita-Peptide Eye Gel

6. Application of Environ's AVST Moisturiser mixed with Environ's Retinol 1 Serum

Rebecca's Skin Type/Concerns = Combination, Dehydration and Ageing

Rebecca has been using Environ for over 5 years and introduced Image into her skincare regime in January 2019.

Rebecca feels her skincare regime helps to keep her skin concerns under control and ensures her skin is always bright and hydrated.

The one product Rebecca couldn't live without is her RAD SPF by Environ!

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