Vitbox - Algal Omega 3

  1. The three most common types of omega 3 fatty acids are known as DHA, EPA and ALA. Dietary intake of DHA and EPA is mostly commonly through seafood, although their best source is algae (where they originate).

    • DHA: the main structural component of the brain, skin and retina and is therefore vital in brain function and development.
    • EPA: involved in the reduction of inflammation and has also been shown to help reduce the symptoms of depression.

    The omega 3 oils found in seafood are not actually synthesised by the fish themselves, but by the algae they eat. Due to the risk of micro-plastic and mercury poisoning from fish, Vitbox has chosen to source DHA and EPA omega 3 oils directly from algae, creating a safer and more sustainable omega 3 supplement.

    Research has shown that most western diets do not contain enough omega 3, and are consumed in an unnatural ratio to omega 6s. A high omega 6/3 ratio is very common in the western diet and has been linked to many common diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and inflammatory and auto-immune diseases. This is partly due to the over consumption of omega 6s, found in abundance in processed foods, and a low consumption of omega 3s, traditionally consumed through fish. 

    To read our full article about Omega 3s, 6s & 9s and to see our sources, click here.

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