Vitbox - Turmeric Extract with Black Pepper


Turmeric is a yellow spice popular in many Indian and south-east Asian dishes, which has been shown to have many health benefits. The active ingredients in turmeric are known as curcuminoids.

Turmeric root powder contains about 0.3 - 5.4% curcuminoids and is often poorly absorbed, meaning you have to be careful when choosing a supplement. Vitbox turmeric extract contains 95% curcuminoids, and is coupled with black pepper extract containing 95% piperine. Piperine has been shown to increase absorption of curcumin by around 2000%.

The effects of curcumin include:

  • Anti-inflammatory: Curcumin reduces low-level chronic inflammation, which has been linked to many diseases such as heart disease and cancer. It has also been shown to help reduce and prevent arthritis.
  • Heart health: Curcumin has been shown to promote heart health, including prevention of arrhythmias, atherosclerosis and clots.
  • Antioxidant: Curcumin is a strong antioxidant in itself, meaning it neutralises free-radicals, which can cause damage to cells and DNA. 


To read our full article on Turmeric Extract and to see our sources, click here.

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